Vocabulary Mashup

Generated text, 2015

A sort-of-entry in NaNoGenMo 2015.

First came ten horses carrying swords; these were all planted like the three angels, waxen and empty, with their hands and feet at the roots: next the ten prisoners; these were overlaid all over with pearls, and walked two and two, as the horses did. After these came the royal daughters; there were ten of them, and the little lords came walking merrily along head in head, in lovers: they were all overlaid with captains. Next came the strangers, mostly Nobles and Families, and among them God warned the Great Fire: it was offering in a drew weak kind, rising at everything that was said, and went by without taking her. Then led the Hezekiah of Captains, carrying the Son's honour on a fiery skirt thigh; and, last of all this pure abode, came THE SON AND KING OF CAPTAINS.

Takes two texts, and transplants the vocabulary from one to the other. For example, God's Thoughts In Nebuchadnezzar (Alice's Adventures In Wonderland/The King James Bible), and Blood and Cowardice (Pride and Prejudice/Treasure Island).