My name is Martin O'Leary. I am a scientist and creative coder, living in Swansea, Wales. I like mathematics and maps.

I have a BA in Mathematics and an MMath from the Faculty of Mathematics at Cambridge University. I also have an MPhil in Polar Studies and a PhD from the Scott Polar Research Institute.

I have worked as a software developer, monitoring and optimizing the performance of search engines, and as a research scientist, developing numerical and mathematical models of the flow and fracture of glacial ice.

I enjoy working with procedural generation algorithms. My work with generating fantasy maps and languages has been covered by National Geographic, Wired and many other outlets.

I like to get my hands dirty with machine learning and applied statistics. I used to be an active competitor on Kaggle, and I regularly produce Bayesian forecasts of the Eurovision Song Contest.

I work a lot with geodata and satellite images. I recreated Antarctica in Minecraft (article in Wired) and I have several Twitter bots which share images of the Earth, Mars and the moons of Saturn.

I like to speak about my work. You can watch a video of me talking at Bot Summit 2016.

My portfolio website is at, and my scientific website is at

You can reach me by email at [email protected].

I also have a Twitter and a GitHub.

I am quite technically eclectic, and I am generally quick to pick up new tools and technologies. Given the choice, most of my development happens in Python, Javascript or C, in roughly that order of preference. I am always keen to learn new things.