Dublin Walk

Generated text, 2019

An entry in NaNoGenMo 2019.

Once Once One One, ne, even, envy, evenly, evenly velly evly eely yell alley yale early layer really yearly rarely Rarely Really Really? Ready? Ready Read Red de deed fed feed defeegee fagged gagged adage aged dagger regarded regard daggered degraded dragged agreed ragged grade guarded dueguard argue uneager ungrate guarantee inaugurate arruginated inaugurated treading gradient redpanting departing pretending dreeping grinned reddening ringed rendering reigned grinned, diner, dinner, friend, finder friend inferred refined indifferent different interfered frittered drifted retired tried tired retrieved rivetted diverted driver derived drive derive deprive ripped pride prided peppered deeper peered petered departed parted rerepeated depart repeated trade retarded ratted tarred retreated tattered aerated darted treated tread reader dear read dare dearer reared adread reread dared eared Heard Herald ladder laddered leader raddled Wellread Waddler Wellmannered alderman alderman. marmalade. alarmed. dreamed.

Inspired by Nick Montfort's idea of "Nano-NaNoGenMo", generating a novel's worth of text from under 256 characters of code. This takes the texts of James Joyce's Ulysses and Dubliners, two books about a city I know well, and rearranges them into a phonetic exploration of Joycean vocabulary.

There are more details on the (fairly simple) algorithm in the original GitHub thread, or you can read the text as a PDF.