I am an artist, designer, teacher and researcher, based in Bristol, UK. I use a mixture of code and traditional media to create installations, pictures, software and other, less easily classified work. My practice focuses on the idea of place, and on the juxtaposition of the physical, digital and imaginary worlds.

Growing up in rural Ireland, I learned to code on an Atari 520ST, writing small programs to draw geometric patterns. Now the programs are slightly larger, but I'm still fascinated by the capacity of simple algorithms to surprise us.

I have a master's degree in mathematics and a PhD in geography from Cambridge University. I've had careers in software development, in academia and in exhibition design, as well a wide range of freelance roles, from data analysis for the fashion industry through to consulting on the geology of fantasy worlds.

As of July 2019, I'm based at the Pervasive Media Studio, where I act as the in-house creative technologist, supporting the community of artists, creative companies and academics. I provide advice and support for studio residents who want to incorporate new technologies into their work, whatever that may be.

I'm always interested in hearing about new projects. If you have something which could use my skill set, please get in touch.